Shinning Light Group of School is a British school. As a British school, we have adopted the national curriculum of England and Wales.

Our young discoverers are taught using the EYFS curriculum. Their amazingly captivating little world is tucked away in a safe and purpose-designed section of the school. From the door, they make their way through a mini zoo and then take a walk down a high street, before arriving at their learning hub for the day.

You are assured of a warm reception at any point during the day, not just from the teachers, assistants and nannies but also from the students themselves. You will see happy, smiling faces engrossed in various acts of discovery of the world around them, exploring and soaking in every iota of knowledge their sponge-like minds can absorb.

For our Junior and Senior Analysts, the curriculum is divided into 4 Key stages.

Year 1 – 2 KS1
Year 3 – 6 KS 2
Year 7 – 9 KS 3
Year 10 – 11 KS 4

At the end of each Key Stages 2, 3 & 4, our students’ performance is benchmarked against their peers in other British schools, using the following measures (these assessments are accepted worldwide):

KS3 Checkpoint

School Programs Overview

A love of learning is the chord which ties our whole operation together. Students and teachers alike at Shinning Light, bring a diversity of knowledge, experiences, cultures, languages and accomplishments to our community. Each individual is unique and exceptional but we find common ground in our curiosity and a collective hunger for knowledge.

The words creativity, innovation, change and improvement feature in every facet of school life. From Early Years all the way through to Year 11, our students are groomed to throw down the gauntlet in the face of new challenges – to face them head on using tools they have acquired in and out of the classroom.

Each school is separated, not just by a physical floor, but also by timetables which ensure that misunderstandings and incidences of bullying do not occur. Shinning Light maintains a strict anti-bullying policy and students are taught that each individual is unique and free to be who they desire to be. A respect for the diverse views, ideologies, and cultures of their peers is imparted in them from the moment they walk through our gates.

By the time our students walk through our gates for the very last time as students, they would have acquired the skills and attitudes that will best prepare them for success in a global society.